Project Team

Staff from the Johns Hopkins University’s Data Conservancy—a data curation organization; IEEE—the world’s largest technical professional organization and publisher of nearly a third of the world’s technical literature in electrical engineering, computer science, and electronics; and Portico—the digital preservation service of ITHAKA, are working together to make RMap  a reality.

The members of our project team are listed below. Contact us to learn more about RMap, or follow us on Twitter @rmapproject.

Vinay Cheruku, Director of Content Management Systems, ITHAKA

Sayeed Choudhury (PI), Associate Dean for Research Data Management, Johns Hopkins University, Sheridan Libraries

Tim DiLauro, Digital Library Architect, Johns Hopkins University, Sheridan Libraries

Mark Donoghue, Content Management Analyst, IEEE

Gerry Grenier (PI), Senior Director, Publishing Technologies, IEEE

Renny Guida, Director, Product Management, IEEE

Karen Hanson, Software Engineer, Johns Hopkins University, Sheridan Libraries

Amy Kirchhoff,  Archive Service Product Manager, ITHAKA

John Meyer, Director of Data Technology, ITHAKA

Kenneth Moore, Director, Book and Information Services, IEEE

Sheila Morrissey, Senior Researcher, ITHAKA

Stephanie Orphan, Director of Publisher Relations, Portico

Ken Rawson, Manager, Publishing Systems, IEEE

Joe Rogowski, Associate Director/Senior Project Manager, ITHAKA

Jabin White, Vice President, Content Management, ITHAKA

Kate Wittenberg (PI), Managing Director, Portico